Lucas Cranach the Younger

04.10.1515 Lucas Cranach the Younger, son of Lucas Cranach the Elder, is born in Wittenberg.
to 1527/29 Start of apprenticeship in his father’s workshop.
1536 Mention as a member of the Cranach workshop at the gilding work on the Torgau Castle.
1537 Johannes (Hans) Cranach (born 1512/13), the eldest son of Lucas Cranach the Elder, dies on a trip to Italy. Then Lucas Cranach the Younger takes over more and more responsibility in his father’s workshop.
1541 Cranach the Younger married on February 19 Barbara Brück (1518-1550), the daughter of the Saxon Chancellor Gregor Brück. The marriage produced four children.
1546 The life-size “Portrait of Martin Luther” (Staatliches Museum Schwerin) is created, which is a model for a series of portraits reformer.
1547 Consecration of the “Reformation altar” (with L. Cranach the Elder..) In the St. Mary’s Church, Wittenberg
1549-1568 councilor in Wittenberg
1550 take over the farm and the shop in Castle Street one from the father. Cranach d. Ä. leaves Wittenberg.
1551 Second marriage to Magdalena Schurff (1531-1606), a niece of Melanchthon. From this marriage five children go out. Born in 1554 Augustin Cranach (died. 1595) is also a painter (teaching to 1571/72 when the Saxony-based painter Henry Goding) and maintains a workshop in Wittenberg.
The panels “The Sleeping Hercules” and “The awakened Hercules distributes the pygmies” for the Dresden Castle arise.
1552-1555 At the request of Duke Albrecht of Prussia Heinrich Königswieser is picked and trained in the workshop. Königswieser 1559 court painter to Duke Albrecht.
1552/53 Cranach the Younger fled with his family and the painter boy from the plague and go to Weimar, the new residence of the Duke Johann Friedrich of Saxony.
1555 “Epitaph altar for Johann Friedrich of Saxony” (Church of St. Peter and Paul, Weimar)
1560 “Epitaph for Johannes Bugenhagen – The Baptism of Christ” (St. Mary’s Church, Wittenberg)
to 1560/63 journey to the Netherlands.
1560-62 and 1572/73 Extensive construction work in Cranach’s Wittenberg.
1562 painting of the emblem and the sundial on the tower of the Wittenberg church.
1565 Erhard Gaulrap is formed at the request of Duke Johann Albrecht of Mecklenburg in the Cranach workshop.
1565-1568 Cranach the Younger is the mayor of Wittenberg
1569 confirmation inherited from his father Privileges of eternal wine Schankes by Elector Augustus of Saxony.
“Epitaph for Paul Eber – The vineyard of the Lord” (St. Mary’s Church, Wittenberg). In the Cranach workshop arise in these years, numerous epitaphs.
to 1571-73 A series of portraits of the Saxon dukes and electors created for Augustus castle.
1571-81 Zacharias Wehme is formed at the request of the Elector Augustus of Saxony as an apprentice in the Cranach workshop.
1573 Cranach the Younger is one of the six richest citizens of Wittenberg. His estate is estimated at 3,200 guilders.
1586 On January 25, Cranach the Younger died in Wittenberg. He is buried in the Wittenberg town church St. Marien.
1588 From the Saxon Elector numerous prints and paintings by various artists for the Arts Dresden Chamber be purchased from the estate Cranach the Younger..