In 1505 Friedrich the Wise summoned the painter Lucas, from the Franconian town of Cranach, known now as Kronach, to his home in Wittenberg. At first, Cranach lived in his painting room in the castle. In 1512 Cranach bought the property on Markt 4 as well as the neighboring property. Cranach married, started a family and built a successful workshop business, likely having his five children here.
Around 1517-18 he sold the property at the Markt and bought the property at Schlossstraße 1. In 1522 he presumably bought Markt 4 again and established a printers business there with his business partner Christian Döring. He illustrated and published Martin Luther´s New Testament in German in 1522.
In the 1540s, Cranach’s son-in-law Caspar Pfreundt took over the house and started the Wittenberg pharmacy. In 1771, part of the house was rebuilt in the late Baroque style.
Concerned citizens have been working tirelessly since 1989 to save the Cranach houses by employing them as cultural centers while maintaining the architecture. Working with the city, which owns the buildings, we renovated the buildings in 1990, discovering valuable Renaissance paintings which likely originate in the Cranach workshop. June 6th of 1998 marked the completion of the first half of renovation, and the entire project was finished on January 24 in 2007.